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Delta Nine Solutions, LLC provides many services directly to patients to help them coordinate pharmaceutical and complementary treatments for both chronic and acute diseases. Dr. Welch is certified by the American Pharmacists Association in Medication Therapy Management (MTM),  a formal program where pharmacists look over a patient’s entire medication record, disease-state history, and relevant lab results, which helps ensure positive outcomes through evidence-based review that one’s prescription drugs are correctly indicated, administered, adhered to, and are achieving measurable results.

Dr. Welch will work with you and your health care providers to ensure that any herbal supplements, nutriceuticals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and homeopathic remedies that you take are working to enhance your health and do not interact with any of your prescription medications. Special attention will be given to supplement quality and dose form; for example, many supplements are better absorbed in liquid rather than capsule form, and many supplements contain excipients (inactive ingredients) that can irritate food sensitivities in those who have them.

In the State of Oregon, patients with qualifying conditions as certified by a medical doctor may choose to apply for a card enabling them to purchase medical cannabis and medical cannabis products. Cannabis has not been approved as a therapeutic drug by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); as a result, Dr. Welch and Delta Nine Solutions, LLC do not promote the use of cannabis to treat or cure any disease.

However, in a state where medical cannabis is legal, Dr. Welch gets many many questions from patients about cannabis and its safe and effective use. While not advocating for its use to treat any disease, Dr. Welch is knowledgeable about medical use of cannabis and dedicated to protecting patient and public health against fraudulent claims about cannabis as well as substandard or contaminated cannabis products. Dr. Welch can help guide patients and their providers through the existing scientific literature about medical uses of cannabis, as well as advise patients who are medical cannabis cardholders who choose to use cannabis about the different options they have for using it.

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