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Delta Nine Solutions wants to work with you to optimize your patients’ use of both prescription and complementary medications. Studies continue to show that while the use of herbal and other supplements grows every year, most patients continue to fail to inform any health care provider of their use.

Pharmacists, as the most accessible primary health care providers, have traditionally been in a prime position to counsel patients wishing to self-medicate with dietary and herbal supplements. Dr. Welch doesn’t just want to counsel these patients; she wants to facilitate your communication with and understanding of your patients who choose to use alternative and complementary medicine.

Patients who are told to avoid herbal supplements entirely because their safety and effectiveness have not been confirmed by the FDA (indeed, the safest option always) tend to use these products in secrecy (never the safest option). Dr. Welch believes that dietary and herbal supplements can be useful and effective adjuncts to prescription pharmaceutical therapy when properly monitored by professional health-care providers. She can help guide you through the literature and advise on the safest dosage forms and options for your patients.

Many patients in Oregon have questions about medical cannabis. As licensed health care providers, we cannot promote the use of cannabis to treat or cure any disease. However licensed MDs can confirm that their patient has a qualifying condition that enables them to apply for a medical card that allows them to purchase cannabis and cannabis preparations legally in Oregon. Many doctors are willing to sign for patients suffering from these qualifying conditions even if they do not know much about medical use of cannabis.

This paradoxical situation often creates a gap in knowledge where a doctor knows her or his patient is using cannabis, but does not know how much, in what form, or in what context, as there is no formal feedback loop (as there is with prescription drugs, which have well-defined doses and goals of therapy and are easily documented and followed in electronic charting).

Dr. Welch can help providers whose patients are medical cannabis cardholders and using medical cannabis by educating them about the vast array of cannabis preparations and how to select for purity and quality. She can work with these patients to optimize their cannabis dose and delivery mechanism, and provide feedback to their primary care providers about what doses their patients are actually receiving on a daily basis, what medical effects and side-effects to watch out for, and whether there is risk of interference with any prescription drugs.


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